Volcanic Eruption: Safety Precautions Before, During and After.


As we all know, a volcano is a land form that has crater or vent where the magma or molten rock, pieces of hot solid rock, and hot gases are formed inside the Earth when the upper crust or the lower crust melts.

lavaWhen that magma or molten rocks burst out through its crater, we call it lava and that happens during a Volcanic Eruption– one of the natural disasters that people are afraid to encounter.

According to Attila Kilinc, a professor at University of Cincinnati who studies volcanoes in Hawaii ad Montserrat, there are several factors that triggers the volcano to erupt but there are three that predominates it and this are 1) the buoyancy of the magma, 2) the pressure from the exsolved gases in the magma and 3) the injection of a new batch of magma into an already filled magma chamber. But no matter how the volcanologists know what triggers the volcano to erupt, they cannot still guess a volcanic eruption.vol

Thus there are early warning signs when the volcano is about to erupt, this might be the rumbling sounds, continuous emissions of steam, increasing temperature around the volcano that results to withering of plants around and unusual behaviors of animals and earthquakes.

People who lives near a volcano must be aware that a volcanic eruption will bring so much danger to them. So it is important to know what to do before, during and after volcanic eruption.

What to do before volcanic eruptions:

  1. Each one should be aware of the dangers that volcanic eruptions pose to lives and be prepared to face whatever circumstances the eruption may bring.
  2. Prepare all the necessary things to bring once evacuation is needed.
  3. Store as much food, water, light sources and batteries that are very useful in case of emergency.
  4. Prepare masks to cover nose and mouth for the ash falls of the volcano.
  5. Safety of the kids first before anything else.

What to do during volcanic eruptions:

  1. Avoid low-lying places because lava flows and mud flows are more likely to pass here.
  2. Seek cover in case of ash falls and rock falls and use masks to cover your nose and mouth and to avoid breathing in the ashes.
  3. If inside the house, close all doors and windows to avoid letting in the ashes.
  4. Always stay indoors and watch for your kids, they might be tempted to go out.
  5. Stay in the evacuation center and wait for further instructions and do not leave until said so.

What to do after volcanic eruptions:

  1. Go back to your house but leave your kids with someone who can take care of them while you check your house.
  2. When in your house, clean everything and check if there’s damages incurred. Use masks when cleaning.
  3. Wait for further announcements related to volcano activities.
  4. Make sure that your house is still safe for all of you.

Be aware. Be prepared. Save your life, your future. Don’t let it melt.


Encyclopedia of Questions and Answers: Earth and Space Science




photos are taken from Google




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