Coping Strategies for Drought

Drought is simply a natural disaster caused by climate change in which we experience a little rain or worse, none of it. In other words, this is a long period of dry season.



According to the MDRRMO Chairman of Ajuy, Iloilo, Archie Rojas, drought is one of the major disasters caused by our drastic changing climate, the costliest type of natural disaster. The impacts on socioeconomic and environment are massive famines, food and water insecurity, reduced agricultural productivity, damage to wildlife, livestock and fish habitat, forced migration, conflict, and food price hikes.

©ADRA Philippines

“The Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office(MDRRMO) together with the local agencies try to address these effects by having preventive and mitigative measures combating climate change as this is the main cause of drought’’, said Rojas.

“MDRRMO partnered with the Ajuy Agriculure Office try to proactive drought prevention and management, this is to: reduce exposure to hazards, increase resilience of people and ecosystems, promote sustainable land management, improve preparedness and early warning for adverse events’’ Rojas added.

          A student of West Visayas State University, Czarina Mariel Baldonado also responded to the question, “What are your coping strategies for drought?” And she answered, “Try to save water whenever it rains. In order to use it for drinking purposes just sterilize it by boiling.”


A random farmer from Pototan, which is considered to be the rice capital of Visayas was also asked on “What is the most common solution for drought?” and he simply replied, “Irrigation.”



Tips in saving water at home:


©Gettum Associates, Inc.

  • Start outdoors

Plant less thirsty, native, drought-tolerant grasses and trees, you’ll use less water for it and surely your new “localized” garden will survive the future dry spells with ease. And if you have a car when it’s time for you to wash it you may put it in your lawn at the same time you are watering the grasses.



©Honest Abe Plumbing

  • Look for leaks

Water pumps leaks do not only waste our water but also our money. So we better check it so we can fix it as soon as possible.



  • Upgrade your bathroom routine

Aside from turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth or shaving you can also turn it off while you are using the soap, conditioner, and shampoo.



  • Change up your kitchen style

Save water by simply scrape the waste. If you’re washing up the traditional way, save water by filling 2 containers with water: one soapy and one for rinsing.


Preventive measures for drought:

  • Grow more trees
  • Develop irrigation facilities by building dams
  • Indulge in rain water harvesting
  • Build a canal to divert water
  • Store water for future generations
  • Put more wells and tube wells
  • Store water when get a good rainfall



Disregarding our way and state of living, water will always be our most basic necessity for us to survive as our body is composed with ¾ of it. And as nature is interrelated with man, we must also protect it because it provides us all we need to survive. Drought is just one example from the many natural disasters we are facing today. We must put in mind that we can’t live without water and maybe through this we are able to appreciate its importance and deal with it properly.





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