Drought? No more doubts.

In terms of survival water plays a very crucial role. But the question is how do we conserve water in times of drought season? Ever thought of the best possible ways to prepare during drought season? Let me reiterate to you some simple yet very useful tips on conserving water and preparing for drought season.

First, create a water rationing plan in place in the event of a water shortage. Why do this? Well, because human beings of the current generation tend to waste water unconsciously and only to find out soon that there’s no more water left for them. By pinpointing the most important usage of water consumption one can help ease the water shortage in a way or another to someone or personally to his/her self. Of course, it does create discipline you might not notice it but it really does.

Second, stock your home with water bottle simply because everyone becomes thirsty every now and then and considering the fact that there is drought season going then clean water is a must for survival. You might not consider using it for your shower and laundry but somehow you’ll figure it out soon once you ran out of water to use.

Third, install a rain catch system. But how do we install such equipment with so little time left before drought season finally occurs and limited budget to be used? Worry no more all you need is a cheap water container from any department store just as long as it’s sturdy and could withstand several weather disturbances it’s already good to go. Place it somewhere in your home that can catch rainfall easily.

Fourth, last and definitely not the least be an efficient and smart user of water consumption conserve water, check for leaks, go for water saving appliances to avoid shortage of water in times of drought season, it’s better to prepare because remember every drop of water counts.

Alright, a quick and final reminder make sure before you leave your home check for leaks, close the faucet and securely switch off the shower. By the way place the water container that serves as catch basin for the rainfall. Mind you, be wise and use water on its most needed usage do not waste water because as far as we all know water is life. Be concerned to your health and environment save water before it readily runs out.





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